Our Members


In order to be eligible for membership, each of our members has been personally interviewed, critiqued and vetted by their peers, and has had past clients submit anonymous feedback. In addition, each member agrees to follow our Code of Conduct:



  • We will represent our qualifications & experience accurately.
  • We will be up front and transparent with our clients about our pricing.
  • We will provide a detailed contract and we will honour it.
  • We will resolve any disputes that may arise in a professional & courteous manner.
  • We will maintain the necessary insurance in order to protect ourselves and our clients.
  • We will strive to keep up to date with advancements in our industry.
  • We will respect copyright laws and give credit where it is due.
  • We will not bash others, and will strive to promote cooperation instead of competition.

These professionals are the best of the best; the finest wedding photographers in the Region.


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